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Adena Health Systems Modernizes ITSM

The Challenge

Adena Health System faced significant challenges with outdated IT Service Management (ITSM) processes, heavily reliant on manual processing and spreadsheets. These outdated methods were further compounded by the pressure to modernize ITSM, intensified by team turnover and industry shifts, all exacerbated by the disruptive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Solution

Partnering with Sigital, Adena implemented ServiceNow to streamline operations and enable user-driven service management. Sigital’s expertise facilitated the transition from legacy systems to ServiceNow, enhancing efficiency.

The Results

The adoption of ServiceNow streamlined IT service management, empowered by enhanced data reporting for informed decision-making. Additionally, a roadmap for continuous ITSM improvement was established, setting the stage for sustained success.

Our Service Approach

Whether you already have the ServiceNow platform in place or are just getting started, our comprehensive range of services are tailored to support you at every stage of your journey.

Strategic Planning

Maximize the value of your ServiceNow investment with our tailored guidance and KPI tracking to reach your goals.

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Managed Services

We go beyond administration to provide the comprehensive assistance you need to succeed throughout your entire ServiceNow journey.

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Platform Implementation

Ensure your deployment of the ServiceNow platform is smooth and successful with the help of our Customized Implementation Models.

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Technical Consultants

Count on our team of certified technicians to lead your team in a successful co-delivery model.

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ServiceNow Optimization

Clear technical debt, refine customization, and seize new opportunities with our expert optimization services.

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Platform Automation

Effortlessly automate processes tailored to your organization’s needs, boosting productivity and streamlining operations.

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