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Alternate Solutions Health Network Future-Proofs HR Operations with Sigital and ServiceNow

The Challenge

Alternate Solutions Health Network (ASHN), a leading home healthcare company, faced challenges implementing Workday for HR, aiming to improve employee interaction and streamline operations while ensuring high-quality care. They needed to simplify HR processes and offer self-service options through the Enterprise Service Portal.

The Solution

Sigital collaborated with ASHN to deploy a comprehensive solution. Leveraging ServiceNow‘s platform, Sigital tailored solutions to streamline HR processes, including customized Navigation, Forms, and Agent Workspace. They also developed Service Catalog Item and Case Management workflows, ensuring data privacy with robust security measures and integrating seamlessly with Workday.

The Results

ASHN was empowered to streamline HR processes, offering employees self-service options through the Enterprise Service Portal. This not only enhanced the employee experience but also boosted operational efficiency by reducing manual tasks. The solution provided scalability and flexibility for future growth, allowing ASHN to adapt to evolving business needs seamlessly. Furthermore, the successful implementation earned ASHN recognition as a top-tier provider in the healthcare industry, solidifying its position as a leader in delivering exceptional care.

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