Are you using ServiceNow the right way for your business?

Your ServiceNow instance is filled with opportunities. At Sigital, we excel in uncovering these possibilities, identifying and implementing the right ServiceNow tools and integrations to achieve your unique business goals.

Our 3-Step Consulting Approach

Our experienced consultants understand the ServiceNow platform inside out, combining years of experience in IT and ServiceNow to identify new opportunities for your business, address even your most complex challenges, and guide you through best practices and industry standards.

Comprehensive Assessment

We analyze your ServiceNow setup, including every detail of your functions, processes and technical architecture to gain invaluable insights.

Shared Insights & Observations

We provide detailed reports on your current business, technical and functional state.

Tailored Recommendations

We collaborate with your team to craft a personalized strategic roadmap with clear steps for optimizing and enhancing your architecture.

Sigital Success Story

The Challenge

Sigital partnered with a $22B healthcare-oriented financial technology company to solve their existing roadblocks stemming from insufficient visibility and agility across their operations.

The Approach

During the three step process, our team delivered comprehensive reports on their business, technical, and functional status, along with a detailed timeline, recommendations, and a roadmap for their ServiceNow products.

The Result

We successfully implemented ServiceNow Change Management, DevOps, SAM Pro, CMDB, HAM, SIR, VR, and integrated them seamlessly.

Work smarter, not harder with Sigital