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Large Health Insurance Corporation Leverages Custom SCA Application to Streamline Operations

The Challenge

A large healthcare organization faced the need for a custom Single Case Agreement (SCA) application spanning multiple business units. Existing processes lacked efficiency, requiring a tailored solution on the ServiceNow platform to manage SCA processes effectively.

The Solution

Over an 8-week period, the organization undertook the development of a custom SCA application on the ServiceNow platform. This initiative involved creating a new service portal and integrating a service catalog to enhance user accessibility. Leveraging dashboards, the organization ensured complete visibility throughout the SCA process lifecycle. Moreover, the project capitalized on automation opportunities to streamline operations further.

The Results

The implementation of the custom SCA application yielded significant results for the healthcare organization. Enhanced process efficiency and transparency were achieved, leading to improved management of SCA processes across multiple business units. The utilization of dashboards provided comprehensive visibility, while automation opportunities optimized workflows. Overall, the organization experienced streamlined operations and improved effectiveness in managing SCA agreements.

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