Accelerate Service Responses and Operations

Sigital is your partner for maximizing ServiceNow ITSM capabilities. Leveraging our expertise, we help you automate service delivery, set up analytics-driven workflows, and create role-based workspaces, breaking down information silos and fostering teamwork.

What can we help you achieve with ITSM solutions by ServiceNow?

Streamline Your Operations

Cut time and resources spent on reactive tasks, and set up cost-effective, analytics-driven workflows without breaking the bank.

Improve Decision-Making

Make better business decisions, automate service delivery, and consistently enhance services within role-based workspaces.

Delight Your Employees

Elevate employee experiences with autonomous issue resolution, heightened visibility, and enhanced query handling.

ITSM Solutions

Sigital is your expert partner for maximizing ServiceNow ITSM capabilities.

Change Management

Utilize built-in AI, data-driven flows, and tailored change models to simplify, automate, and speed up change velocity, ensuring a faster time to value.

Problem Management

Restore services quickly, prevent future issues, and minimize disruptions via structured workflows tailored to diagnose root causes and implement solutions effectively.

Request Management

Empower employees to collaborate, self-solve, and request services 24/7 by providing a modern, omnichannel way to interact with IT and other shared services groups.

Incident Management

Automate incident assignment with machine learning and collaborate with stakeholders via the Major Incident Management portal to swiftly restore services.

Change Management | Request Management | Problem Management | Incident Management  

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