Start Working Smarter in the Field, Not Harder

Sigital specializes in optimizing field service experiences with ServiceNow HSM features, leveraging our expertise to reduce unnecessary work and prioritize high-value tasks, driving cost reduction and revenue growth for your business.

What can we help you achieve with FSM solutions by ServiceNow?

Minimize Customer Disruption

Proactively detect and address potential equipment issues to enhance equipment longevity, minimize downtime, and prevent unplanned outages.

Enhance Technician Efficiency

Ease dispatcher workloads and streamline field operations with automated assignments, optimized scheduling, and real-time updates for unforeseen issues.

Manage Third-Party Resources

Efficiently manage third-party contractors and optimize work distribution with centralized tracking, providing real-time visibility into contractor work status..

Cost Management | Dynamic Scheduling and Dispatch | Field Service Contractor Management | Inventory Management | Planned Maintenance

Ready to optimize ServiceNow FSM solutions for your business needs?